us from machines; human intelligence can be distinguised from artificial intelligence by the body, alone”, as opposed to a fully generative approach.


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The work of Jorge Orozco presents a fresh and capacious view on Digital Architecture. It distinguishes from established positions by cultivating the delicate balances that exist between Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence.

The work seems to revolve around a long-lasting question: how to articulate something that is not there by looking at everything that is there? It thrives with online observations –derived from millions of images, movies, texts– and mimics the techniques deployed by Google and Facebook in its handling of them.

Jorge's work is a rich and fantastic spectrum that takes consistent positions within The Plenty. Here is a short selection of his work:

🏛 Tens of architectural projects that bring space & A.I. into adequate proportions.

A non-generic search engine 🔭 to navigate millions of images, movies, and texts.

A workshop 🎥 to code personal instruments for movies that are curious about architecture.

˘ A talk on The Plenty–A sea foam for the engendering of architecture.

¨ Koolhaas, A.I., Google, Serres –a PhD dissertation on Indexical Architecture.

˙ A course on coding the conditions for Mr. Robot and Swiss-Architects to chatter.

Architecture over the internet without intermediaries, 🔥  a text.

🩸 Among Us, an atmospheric video to conjure vampires and witches at Kulturfolger, Zurich.

ˆ Vasily and Rodrigo, two architects telling stories of the everydaya video installation for the 12th International Architecture Biennale of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

¯ ABBA meets Rachmaninoff and Lady Gaga, a melody for the German Pavilion at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia 2020.

Jorge’s like-minded people in Zurich, Vienna & the world.      ︎   ︎